Human Proximity

Human Proximity is a solution aimed at companies, industries, companies, associations and institutions; it is designed and developed entirely by an Italian company and has as its main objective to ensure the safety of workers.
It’s capable of detecting body temperature, controlling attendance, verifying the presence of a man on the ground, managing evacuations, allowing access to restricted areas, opening RFID doors and detecting immobility by sending alarms in case of illness or danger.
At the same time, it is useful to maintain social distancing.

Human Proximity is aimed at companies, industries, companies, associations and institutions; it is the first solution available from 16-04-2020, able to help maintain the criteria of safety of personnel, while not interrupting their business and also helps to fulfill The European Union is committed to the social cohesion of the European Union.

This solution notifies with an acoustic signal excessive proximity of another person present in a range adjustable from 1 to 4 meters; Human Proximity can be used in environments with a temperature ranging from -15 to 60 degrees centigrade.

It also allows the management of evacuations, alerts gathering and functions of measurement of body temperature.

Each user can install the APP on their business mobile phone or wear an embedded device.

Human proximity helps companies to implement the laws currently in force, which require, given the circumstances in which our country is located, to maintain the safety distance between employees, in order not to further increase the number of infections.

The following are examples of areas of application:

  • In a room, in order to maintain the correct distances between customers;
  • In hospitals to ensure that patients with potentially infectious diseases do not approach healthy patients;
  • At the bank or post office (withdraw, pay bellette) to maintain the appropriate distance in order to ensure an adequate level of security and privacy when the customer enters the code of his card.

Help Tracing

For special needs, such as identification of people who have come into contact, life-saving function, access control, GPS position and much more, you can choose the HELP TRACING solution.

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Human Proximity App can be used in order to help companies to maintain the safety criteria of the staff, while not interrupting their activity.

It is also used by individuals who wish, for the personal and collective good, keep distance.

Human Proximity is also available as an embedded device.

The device can be worn and aims to help maintain social distance.

One device for worker safety


Human Proximity emits sounds and vibrations in case of lack of social distance. Contact details are sent to the cloud for analysis by the security officer.


With Human Proximity, the head of security, can check if at certain times of the day you create gatherings.


Human proximity allows you to verify the date and time when the App and the device were switched on and off.


The embedded device has a simple system for measuring the body temperature and evaluate the exceeding of the threshold of 37.5 C. transparencies.

Human Proximity is compliance with the guidelines of the EU Commission for contact tracing Apps

In order to outline a unitary action line at European level, our App respects the guidelines of the EDPB (European Data Protection Board); according to these indications, the App aims to monitor the number of contacts according to the principle of minimizing the data collected for the sole purpose of identifying contact events, subject of the contact tracing protocols (precisely: tracing, non-tracking).

To this end, our Human Proximity App and also the embedded device, do not send any identification code of the device (with which the device / user could be matched) but only send dates and times of contact.

In this way the company can check the contact statistics between its employees but cannot identify the users themselves (and not even the devices); the company can then check with graphs the number of contacts made on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The interpretation of these completely anonymous data gives the company the opportunity to understand if its employees follow the corporate guidelines in terms of social distancing without violating privacy rights.

Technical assistance


Our technicians are always available to offer telephone support to help you in case you have any doubts, questions or problems.

Our repair service is efficient, because if a device is found to be malfunctioning we will immediately replace it, without making the customer wait.

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Our company Zinformatica was born from the entrepreneurial idea of professionals operating for years in the IT sector; it offers services that concern the widest panorama of the IT sector including analysis and consultancy on IT systems, packaged or customized software solution and website realization.

Our CEO Matteo Zavattari thank the staff who worked hard to obtain in a short time a solution to be offered on the market:

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