100% Privacy Guarantee


HUMAN PROXIMITY is the first and only solution that guarantees the protection of users’ privacy because it does not send any personal data and no data that identifies the device used.

Whether the App or the embedded device is used, our solution – in case of detection of a close contact with another user – only stores the date of the event on the cloud. No personal user data and no device identification data are sent to the cloud.

With this system, the Company can have a daily and hourly statistics of contacts between its employees, but it will not be able in any way to identify the user or the device from which the alert originated.

Both the App and the embedded device use only Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to identify the contact between two users and WiFi and 4G technology to send information to the cloud. In no case is GPS technology or other systems used to geolocate the user.

For those who have doubts about the protection of the privacy of our Human Proximity solution, they are authorized as of now to perform data verification activities sent by the App and devices with the help of network sniffing software (for example Wireshark) to verify firsthand the data actually sent to the cloud.

Our company is attentive to the respect of Privacy because, for years, we collaborate with law enforcement and investigation companies in the field of Computer Forensics; for this reason, in order to protect the Privacy of our customers, We provide the latter with a self-certification that proves it.

No data sent to the cloud is encrypted precisely to give maximum transparency to the completely anonymous data that is sent by our application.

Zinformatica is always available to deal with industry experts, digital forensics experts and lawyers to give all clarifications of the technology used and to demonstrate respect for user privacy.