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Human Proximity is a business app that aims to help maintain social distance in emergency cases and not only; it is free of commercial ads and does not save any personal data in respect of privacy.

Human Proximity can also be used by individuals who wish for personal and collective good to maintain distances.

The license is allowed free of charge only for personal use, while for any other type of use (business, commercial, business etc.) is granted a business license fee.

The  business app consists of two screens.

In the first screen we find the homepage where there is the logo of the application and the indication of the radius of coverage set in the device.

In addition, there is the “settings” button that allows you to access the second configuration screen.

It is also possible to configure the range of action of the device via a suitable field.

The configuration can be saved by pressing the “save” button.

The solution notifies the excessive proximity of another person present in the set range by an acoustic signal and also a vibration.

Our Humam Proximity App is available for Android and soon you can also download it with IOS operating system.


The app running on different hardware (unlike embedded devices) has several limitations:

  • with different brands and models of phones need accurate calibration to be able to work properly.
  • the range of the distance signal has a tolerance of approximately +(-) 1 m;
  • the phone must be android 7 or higher with bluetooth BLE support;
  • Any suspension of the app (at the moment of the screen lock) is due to the operation of the version of the operating systems in use; it should therefore be configured from the phone settings screen the option “never turn off”;
  • The app has been tested on the main Huawei, Samsung and LG phones so there may be problems with products of different brands.


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