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Human Proximity

Human Proximity is also available as an embedded device and is aimed at companies, industries, companies, associations and institutions.

The device can be worn and aims to help maintain social distance.

The product notifies the excessive proximity of another person present in a set range of 1 to 4 meters, by means of an acoustic signal, and is able to measure the body temperature of employees.

To maintain anonymity we simply send the date and time of contact without any identification of the person or device.

In addition, in compliance with European standards, the device does not geolocate, thanks to the use of Bluetooth.

The company, through the web panel, of its reserved area, has the possibility to manage and set the detection distance of the device that will remain immutable, not being able to be modified by the employee itself.

You can further store notifications to check whether the security criteria have been met and how many times the rules have been broken.

The company has a dashboard with the number of close contacts in a day; this is a tool that allows people to be aware not to get too close to each other for their own good and can be used, within 24 hours, to verify at which time of the day the greatest number of close contacts occur.

Form Factor

Embedded Human Proximity Business allows the customer to choose the form factor, that is the shape and size of the device; the latter is in fact inserted a small rectangular box that can be put on the belt, can be placed on the neck with a badge holder or on the wrist with a strap.


  • Good flexibility, strength and durability.
  • These belt clips are easy to use and fasten your belt quickly.


  • Allows you to work safely while having your hands free
  • Stable and safe
  • Elastic material to avoid discomfort to the wearer


  • Convenient to maintain the device
  • Resistant to working environment
  • Waterproof
  • Light


  • Adjustable side vents
  • Side Euroslot bindings for headphone hearing protectors
  • Dimensions: 16,8 x 20,2 x 30,4 cm
Features versions Business device Standard Pro
Configuration can be set from Web panel x x
3 month activity log on cloud x x
Filter and export surveys x x
Detection of body temperature x x
Customizable sound   x
Vibration   x
Notification via email/sms to the manager   x
Alert gathering   x
Management of evacuations   x
Automatic control of DPI   x
Anonymous GPS detection (on request only)   x


Technical features:


  • ABS plastic box
  • SMALL VERSION: Dimensions 80 x 56 x 22 mm ‘,3 rechargeable mini stylus batteries (to be removed for charging)
  • MKR VERSION : Dimensions 90 x 70 x 25 mm , 1 rechargeable lithium battery via micro usb (3.7V 2000mA Li-Po rechargeable battery)



  • Wi-fi connection

Device price: starting from 159 EUR + VAT

Request quotation for quantity

Annual fee for each user: starting from 12 EUR + VAT

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