Given the emergency Coronavirus, the coach of a football team in Monza contacted us to return to train safely his team.

In sports, close contact between people is frequent, so it is essential to find a solution to keep the distance, thus respecting the laws and countering the virus that can damage themselves and others.

To prevent all this, our company has proposed to the team our product Human Proximity Smartwatch version that is comfortable, not causing discomfort during training and also being waterproof in the shower.

Before entering the field and in the locker room, the body temperature of all athletes is measured in order to verify that it does not exceed the limit of 37.5.

Then it is worn by all players the Smartwatch at the beginning of the training, to train safely thanks to the notification of excessive proximity of another person in a range of two meters that was set by the coach.

Heart rate and blood pressure are also measured during training.

It is kept anonymous because it is simply sent the date and time of contact without any identification of the person or device and also the non-geolocation device thanks to the use of Bluetooth, thus respecting European standards.

The team and the coach are very satisfied, as they manage to perform their sport, respecting the rules set by the current emergency and reducing the risk of contagion.